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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

5th December 2014

Hi, my name is Jamie.

I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer and I have been in the business for 4 years and I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals. I specialise in weight loss, toning, nutrition, sports specific training, strength, conditioning and muscle gain.

I can help you with nutrition and diet to help you lose those excess pounds and also explain how to diet to support any training you are doing and the lifestyle you lead.

Everything we do will be specifically tailored to you, your lifestyle, your needs and your goals to ensure that you get the absolute best results possible. With every personal training session or package you will get a comprehensive training plan covering all out of the gym activities, a nutrition plan and advice on what to eat, how to train and when.

No matter what your goal may be I will get you there with the right training and nutritional advice. Whether you are trying to drop a few sizes for an event like a wedding, you are training to run a marathon, trying to add muscle or you are just trying to get a little more in shape, I will get you to reach your goals.

Your first session is free! Get in touch now to book in!

Contact me via email [email protected] or call 07891070617

1 hour session, exercise plan and nutrition plan£35.00
4 sessions, exercise plans and nutrition plans£120.00
6 sessions, exercise plans and nutrition plans£180.00
8 sessions, exercise plans and nutrition plans£240.00
10 sessions, exercise plans and nutrition plans£300.00
12 sessions, exercise plans and nutrition plans£350.00


I have been training with Jamie since September 2013 on a regular basis and the difference made has been unbelievable! In a year I have lost over 20kg and that includes whatever muscle mass I have put on.

However, numbers aside the quality of my life has improved drastically too! As a 27 year old due to various issues my mobility had decreased significantly to the extent that getting out of bed was difficult and even walking would at times be painful and I would walk at a snails pace with bad posture. I also had extremely high blood pressure which was relatively controlled with medication and required me to visit the hospital regularly to check it out.

After a lot of coercion by family and friends to take matters into my own hands I eventually joined a gym where I met Jamie. Although for the first few weeks I was only really on the cross trainer due to mobility problems Jamie was always around to give me advice when needed and eventually I booked in with him for some sessions.

He very quickly realised where my issues came from and helped me rectify them. Walking around, getting off a seat and bed are no longer a chore and I have since been discharged from hospital as my blood pressure is now under control. In the sessions Jamie always mixes things up so you are always challenged and every week I notice an improvement in my physique and weight loss. I couldn’t recommend Jamie highly enough!

Amit Patel

I have been training with Jamie for just under a year now and not only have I seen significant changes in my body, but it has made my work-outs far more enjoyable. It put the fun back into my gym session.

Currently I am training for a marathon and he has helped me achieve these goals, whilst also keeping up strength training to give definition and prevent injury. I started training with Jamie as previously I only did cardio based exercises, mainly just running. Whilst this had kept my fitness levels up, I found I had little definition and wasn’t confident.

Within a few months of having sessions, I had people commenting on how I looked more toned and I could see the improvements in my body. I have learnt a lot of new routines and exercises that I can also practice on my own.

I recommend Jamie, as not only will you achieve your goals but the sessions are always different, challenging and it ensures you stay focused and motivated.

Having tried various other personal trainers in the past, and not achieving the same results or enjoyment out of the sessions, I can say that whatever fitness goals you have, Jamie will be able to tailor sessions in order for you to achieve your goals.

Heidi Frost

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