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Art Therapy at the Bay

Art Therapy at the Bay

25th April 2016

At Beauty at the Bay we love to embrace all that is new in our therapeutic world, which is why we have had our very own set of colouring sheets designed and printed.

Recent science has shown that adult colouring books are proven to reduce stress and even decrease symptoms of physical and emotional stress.

We all remember the thrill of being young and receiving a new set of crayons or felt tipped pens. Well now you can relive those innocent childhood days and do yourself a power of good at the same time.

Art therapy as it is termed can be beneficial in treating depression, dementia, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder as well as slowing down the progress of life threatening conditions.

Even the most healthy of us are prone to periods of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, such is the pace we live at and the expectations that are put upon us.

Many of our regular clients tell us that a visit to Beauty at the Bay is their escape from reality and their safe haven where they can feel their day to day stresses simply drift away. We love this kind of feedback and genuinely strive to make each repeat visit as good, if not better than the last.

So next time you book an appointment ask to see our collection of Beauty at the Bay themed colouring sheets and give art therapy a go. Whether you arrive early and have some spare time on your hands or if you are simply waiting for your nails to dry, start colouring in and tell us how it makes you feel.

Soon you will be able to download the colouring sheets from our website and if you have any ideas of what images should be given the Bay Art Therapy tratment then let us know as we are looking to grow our library with a view to having an art exhibition one evening with a few prizes up for grabs.

Now where did I put my crayons….

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