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Relax & Let Us Take Care Of You

Forest Therapy at Beauty at the Bay

‘The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness’

What is Forest Therapy

Forest therapy is a simple, powerful way to reconnect with who you are through nature. It is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku or “Forest Bathing,”. A guided outdoor healing practice which invites you to experience the pleasures of nature through all of your senses – the sounds of the forest, the smell after a light rain shower, the cool touch of a breeze, the play of light through tree canopies.

It encourages you to be present in your body, enjoying the sensation of being alive whilst deriving profound benefits from the relationship between ourselves and the rest of the natural world.

Forest Therapy at Beauty at the Bay

Take time with us, after your treatment in our Forest Therapy Relaxation Room. We’ll guide you into the dimly lit room where you can rest back into the chaise longue, allowing your eyes to adjust to the gentle glowing lights of the forest. Take a deep breath and inhale the heady scent of Forest Therapy oil from Aromatherapy Associates. Put on the headphones and let us take you on a guided meditative walk through nature.

To get some local forest Therapy

To find a beautiful woodland walk close to the salon, please follow the link below:
Hillhouse walk

The Science

Shinrin-yoku started in Japan in the 1980s in response to a national health crisis. Leaders in Japan noticed a spike in stress-related illnesses, attributed to people spending more time working in technology and other industrial work. Certified trails were created to guide people in outdoor experiences. Decades of research show that forest bathing can help reduce stress, improve attention, boost immunity, and lift mood. Added to this, trees give off volatile essential oils called phytoncides that have antimicrobial properties and it is believed that they influence immunity. One Japanese study showed a rise in number and activity of immune cells called natural killer cells, which fight viruses and cancer, among people who spent time in a forest. The benefit lasted for more than a month after the forest trip!

Don’t worry if you don’t have three days to spend in the forest. A recent study in the United Kingdom of nearly 20,000 people showed that spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature improved self-reported health and well-being. It doesn’t matter whether the 120 minutes represents one long trip, or several shorter visits to nature.

Some research suggests that exposure to natural tree oils helps lift depression, lowers blood pressure, and may also reduce anxiety. Tree oils also contain 3-carene. Studies in animals suggest this substance may help lessen inflammation, protect against infection, lower anxiety, and even enhance the quality of sleep.

Even people confined to a hospital bed may benefit from viewing nature – one study compared people who recovered from gallbladder surgery in a room with a window onto a natural outdoor view with people who recovered from the same surgery in a hospital room with a view of a brick wall. People who could see nature recovered more quickly and needed less powerful pain medication than people who could not see nature.

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